Terms and Conditions


Term & Condition 

1. Cats will not be accepted for boarding without a VALID and UP TO DATE vaccination for cat flu and enteritis. All cats must be vaccinated annually with the booster vaccination administered no longer than 12 months from the previous vaccination.

2. Vaccination cards will be retained at Cathoot as evidence of vaccination for the duration of the boarding period.

3. Male cats over the age of 6 months will only be accepted for boarding if neutered.

4. Pregnant cat(s) cannot be accepted as Cathoot are not responsible if anything happens to her such as miscarriage/give birth etc. 

5. Owners must inform Cathoot at the time of booking and arrival of any medical history which may affect the cats stay at the cattery, including any pre-existing or recurring medical conditions.

6. Cathoot reserves the right to contact the owner’s veterinary surgeon to discuss any past or current medical problems in the event of illness or injury.

7. In the event of illness or injury, Cathoot will make reasonable endeavours to contact the owner or the owner’s representative, prior to any treatment deemed necessary by the cattery veterinary surgeon. If contact is not possible treatment will take place without the owner’s consent.

8. The owner is to be inform that your pet will be sent to the nearest veterinary clinic (according to the location of branch) in case of emergency case occur to your pet at Cathoot, and all the medical fees will be bear by the owner itself.

9. Any veterinary fees incurred by Cathoot in the treatment of an historical or ongoing medical condition, will be the sole responsibility of the owner and will be paid in full by the owner.

10. Cathoot reserves the right at its sole discretion to refuse admission to any cats showing signs of illness pending veterinary advice.

11. Boarding rates are charged on a nightly basis including the day of arrival and departure and includes food (Royal Canin Fit 32 dry food), bedding, litter and other facilities.

12. Full payment is required at the commencement of the boarding period. Cats will not be released to owners until full payment is received by Cathoot.

13. Cancellation of/and amendments to the full boarding period within 7 working days of its commencement will require payment of the full boarding fees.

14. Provisional bookings will only be held for a maximum of 5 days.

15. Cathoot will use reasonable endeavours to feed as instructed by the owner. However alternative diets/brands may be fed if the cat is not eating its usual diet.

16. Cats must be transported in a secure and suitable pet travel carrier.

17. Cathoot requires an EMERGENCY contact number for a friend, relative or neighbour should the owner be out of contact. A contact number for a standby collector (if different) should also be provided should the owner be delayed, as we cannot guarantee to be able to board your cat for extra days.

18. The grooming of cats will be carried out as necessary and it is appreciated if owners bring their own grooming equipment for their cat. However, Cathoot will not be responsible for grooming any cat that gets distressed or risks causing harm to staff.

19. Whilst every care will be taken by the Cathoot all belongings are left at the owner’s risk. Any items left unclaimed by owners after two months following boarding will be disposed of.

20. Whilst every care and precaution is taken with every cat boarded at Cathoot, the proprietor cannot be held responsible for any illness, disease or death that may occur during boarding.

21. We reserve the right to vary these Terms and Conditions periodically upon giving you reasonable notice in writing.

22. NO check-in/ check-out purposes allowed on Tuesday.

23 . Deposit RM 50 per room during non-peak season. Festive season, RM 100 per room as a deposit payment for us to reserved the room for you at least 2 days prior check-in date. Our account number, Cathoot Plt – 5512 6710 5401 (Maybank). The deposit are not refundable once you have book the room.

24 . Before boarding, you must put a fleas spot-on on your cat/s to prevent your cat/s from getting fleas.

25 . NO check-in/check-out purposes after business hours.

26. Owner must inform to Cathoot if  they want to extend their cat boarding period and full payment is required.

27. If owner does not pick their cat up for more than 3 days after their check-out date, Cathoot will open for adoption of owner’s cat and require full payment from owner. Cathoot will proceed with legal action to uncooperative owner.

28. For long-term boarding, deposit payment of RM 1,500 is required if owner does not sure when their check-out date is.  Cathoot will refund the balance to the owner if the owner’s bill is less than RM 1,500.