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EVO Cat -Kitten Turkey and Chicken 3kg

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THE ANCESTRAL DIET, EVOLVED. The wild cat was designed by nature to hunt and thrive on a diet rich with the nutrition from animal proteins, not grains. Inspired by nature, EVO’s authentic ancestral diet gives your cat the protein she needs to promote a lean, conditioned body. Nature designed your cat’s diet. EVO perfected it. 87% HIGH-QUALITY ANIMAL INGREDIENTS such as turkey, chicken and eggs 13% FRUITS & VEGETABLES plus vitamins, minerals and other trace nutrients 0% GRAIN, GLUTEN OR POTATO added THE EVO ADVANTAGE: RICH LEVELS OF TURKEY & CHICKEN to satisfy your cat’s carnivorous cravings GRAIN FREE & POTATO FREE to maximize protein concentration while limiting carbohydrates HIGHLY DIGESTIBLE to maximize nutrient absorption and minimize waste OMEGA-6 & OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS for skin and coat health EASY-TO-FEED ALTERNATIVE TO RAW. EVO diets are carefully prepared to help preserve vitamins, minerals and other trace nutrients

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