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Cat Hotel Malaysia

Cathoot – Cat Hotel Malaysia

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Our guests are welcome to bring along their own blanket or special stuffed toy to make them feel right at home while boarding with us.

Our exclusive cat hotel and play area are design specialized for cats. Cats from different households are not boarded together, or let outside of their suite to play with other cats. Some cats may not want to come out and play. So, to encourage these shy kitty-cats to remain active and cheerful, their suite feature big space design that’s perfect for playing. We’ll do everything we can to make your cat happy and relaxed for overnight cat care. Special food is prepared in our kitchen and served daily. Our guests are welcome to bring along their own blanket or special stuffed toy to make them feel right at home while boarding with us.

Cat Boarding with a Difference

  • Cats were provided with a non-kennel environment, our guests have the opportunity to play and socialize for FREE during the day.
  • Glass front doors
  • Climate controller
  • Open play environment
  • Filtered Water
  • Cleaned & Sanitized Daily
  • Special Diet
  • Cats only
  • Loving Staff
  • Live updates from our social media page (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram)

Cheerful music, is played throughout the day whilst our guests take in the scenery and watch the birds in their pretty surroundings. We promise to care for our guests as if they were our own providing an immaculate, homely & safe environment cat boarding promoting calm & happy felines!

Hoot Cottage -RM35 per night. Extra cat RM12

Discount rate: RM28 per night (saved RM7 per night) -until 30th August 2017. Please use a coupon code “hoot7” while booking.

Suitable for single cat. "Book Now"




Fluffy Villa –RM50 per night. Extra cat RM12

Suitable for 2 cats. "Book Now"



Mellow Condo –RM70 per night. Extra cat RM12

Suitable for 3 cats. "Book Now"



Furry Suite –RM90 per night. Extra cat RM12

The price for Furry Suite fixed for 4 cats only & extra cat will require an additional RM12 per/night.

"Book Now"




Cat Bed -RM10 per rental

With a thick and soft inner cushion for maximum comfort your cat will think this bed is just purrfect!

Cat Scratcher -RM10 per rental

Give your pet a nondestructive place to exercise claws.

Basic Grooming -RM40 per rental

Cat Grooming services are available. This service include shower, nail clipping & ear cleaning. Available for all type of cats for limited time only.

Private Playground  -RM10 per rental

Your cat will receive one-on-one playtime with one of our trained pet care experts. 


  • Neutered (Unneutered guests are not allowed to share rooms)
  • Vaccinated and bring updated vaccine card
  • Must put an Anti- Fleas Spot On before boarding
  • Fleas/ticks/mites free
  • Sickness free
  • Rabies free

Come stay with us

CatHoot proves that overnight cat boarding can be a fun, interactive experience for your cat to enjoy. So next time you take a vacation, let your pet have one too and bring them to CatHoot. "Book Now" Cathoot – Cats Hotel Malaysia  Location: Kota damansara. Contact us for more info.