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        Haipeng metal Palladium carbon catalyst yield hit a record high

        [ 信息發布:本站 | 發布時間:2019-08-23 | 瀏覽:1641 ]

        On January 5, Haipeng Metal Materials Co., Ltd. of Baoji City successfully completed the replacement of PTA Palladium carbon Catalyst, marking the successful completion of the company's four-year Palladium carbon catalyst. A recent batch of carbon Palladium catalysts produced a total of 150,000 tons of PTA(refined terephthalic acid), and the yield reached 52,000 times for the first time, creating the best result since the device was put into operation and reaching the advanced level in the domestic industry.

        The yield of carbon Palladium catalyst is an important parameter to reflect the operating level of PTA device. The effective increase of the yield marks the extension of the catalyst's service life. The more significant effect is the extension of the operation period of the device and the reduction of the production cost. According to the current market price of carbon Palladium catalyst of 1.4 million yuan per ton, this batch of 5 tons of catalysts can save more than 3 million yuan relative to the original design yield.
        Haipeng metal PTA device design annual production capacity of 100,000 tons. In order to solve the problem of low yield and short service life of carbon Palladium catalysts, the company has set up a carbon Palladium catalyst yield group to break the original yield control thinking model, and to effectively control the quality of raw and auxiliary materials, optimize reaction conditions, and adopt effective regeneration measures. It greatly extends the service life of the catalyst.